Holistic Voice Coaching

  • Tailor-made classes to suit all vocal professions
  • Group and Individual classes available
  • Master your voice in every way
  • Vocal hygiene and nutritional guidance for optimum voice care
  • Perform and put your acquired skills to work (Optional).
  • TARIFS: 
  • Individual Classes £45 for 50 minutes or £25 for 30 minutes 

  • Duo Classes £55 for 50 minutes for 2 people

  • Group Classes Please contact The Robin's Voice for further information.

Singing Therapy

  • Learn to breathe correctly and effectively

  • Reconnect to your breathing as you energising partner

  • Find and understand your Voice

  • Improve confidence

  • Eliminate blockages centered around vocal expression

  • Reduce and remove stress

  • Learn to use your breathing as relaxation tool

  • Monthly Sessions held at The Robin's Voice Holistic Vocal Academy. 

  • All workshops and monthly sessions will be available in our events update.


  • Individual Sessions £45 for 50 minutes

  • Group Sessions/Workshops (6 or more participants) £25/hour per person 

Artistic Language

  • Available for the French and English Language
  • Establish a sound grammatical foundation
  • Assimilate vocabulary and phonetics with ease through singing and songwriting
  • Enhance self expression and confidence with this artistic technique
  • Classes available for all ages
  • An effective method for language acquisition in children
  • Please Contact us for further details



Today's Inspiration

 "Open your minds to singing and let singing open your hearts" EP

'Singing is the expression of our mind, body and soul at once.

Finding harmony between the three allows our voices to flow freely and confidently' EP