Artistic Language was created by The Robin's Voice in order to break down learning barriers associated with language acquisition. This programme focuses on learning the FRENCH AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE through singing sounds and songwriting in the target language.

Past efforts include writing and creating a musical with and for 14 year old college students in Antony, France. Each student participated in script writing, theme discussion, singing and musical performance and the delivery of the musical in the target language (English).

The students gained a sound understanding of the language which enhanced their studies in this subject, as well as gaining life skills and positivity from the topic of the musical which was relevant to their lives.


School programmes and extra-curricular or after school groups catered for.

Today's Inspiration

 "Open your minds to singing and let singing open your hearts" EP

'Singing is the expression of our mind, body and soul at once.

Finding harmony between the three allows our voices to flow freely and confidently' EP