The Robin’s Voice Singing Therapy was developed on the understanding that in order to master the voice, the mind and the soul also need to be in balance.

Singing is our heart’s natural and true expression; therefore as a professional singer or a shower superstar, it provides us with and instant release of emotion and a moment of joy, regardless of the sound we create. This is due to the profound connection it has to our inner being.

Singing Therapy highlights this connection and awakens the body to the effects of breathing as a powerful fuel and energy source and to the effects of singing as a means of repairing stress and negative emotion.


It is often necessary to step out of our comfort zone in order to discover ourselves and our true potential and purpose in life.
The Robin’s Voice Singing Therapy will help you to find confidence in your breath as the source of the strength and the energy that your body needs, as well as its capacity to replace fear with confidence and panic with peace.
It will help you to address the blockages centred around singing and vocal expression by dealing with elements such as lack of confidence, negative belief systems and disharmony within ourselves.

Rediscover your breath and your voice as lifelong and faithful partners that can work with you and with each other in perfect and constant harmony. Find your voice, Be yourself and bring life into your body, mind and soul.


Our singing therapy groups for young people are offered in schools to teach effective breathing, the understanding of how our breathing can aid concentration, eliminate frustration and other distractions.

Our special sessions incorporate mindfulness for one another, care of the body, mind and voice all within a programme that allows young people to use their voices and express themselves in new ways.


Today's Inspiration

 "Open your minds to singing and let singing open your hearts" EP

'Singing is the expression of our mind, body and soul at once.

Finding harmony between the three allows our voices to flow freely and confidently' EP