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Our Vocal Coaching and Singing Therapy programmes aim to work in partnership with you on your journey to finding your voice. Our voices are a reflection of our inner being, personal and important to each and every one of us.

The Robin's Voice Vocal training programme will allow you to achieve vocal excellence through understanding all of the aspects of your voice, vocal anatomy and vocal hygiene. You will gain confidence in your own voice, increase power and conviction. Singer, Teacher, Public Speaker? Follow a tailor made programme to suit your profession and your vocal needs.

The Robin's Voice Singing Therapy sessions will assist in all of your personal development needs. Reconnect to your breath and to your voice while removing hindrances, releasing tension and having fun.


Elva Parinaud is a professional Singer, Songwriter and Vocal Coach. Her academic path of music and linguistics, her career as a Vocalist and Vocal Coach, together with her studies and experience in the field of Holistic Nutrition and Well-being have been combined to bring you The Robin's Voice Holistic Vocal Academy.

The Robin's Voice has recognised the importance of our voices and the gift of song and music as a means of learning, improving, liberating, breaking down and edifying different elements of ourselves on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. We have harnessed this understanding to provide a powerful and transformational vocal experience.

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 "Open your minds to singing and let singing open your hearts" EP

'Singing is the expression of our mind, body and soul at once.

Finding harmony between the three allows our voices to flow freely and confidently' EP